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And the unhappy news is that I apparently have an impacted wisdom tooth, not an ear infection after all. That does explain why this earache comes and goes (over quite some time *cough* like from the day my sister got married *cough*). And to make it worse, the only doctor I could get an appointment to see was the unsympathetic one who rarely gives out any drugs of any kind. Which is fine normally, I try to avoid taking as much as possible because most things upset my Crohns. But damn my ear hurts so I wanted the big fat antibiotics to kick the pain out of my head. I was expecting her to tell me to suck it up. But she looked in my ear, said it was fine, looked in my mouth, declared the impacted tooth and then started offering me all sorts of things.

I took the drugs, started those tonight. I have a dentist appointment by chance for Wednesday so will see him then. The words “oral surgeon” were raised. Ignoring that for now. And then she asked me if I wanted a medical certificate for a couple of days off. I was totally taken aback. I mentioned how run down and burnt out I am and she said, “well of course, that’s why this happened,” which I didn’t know you could get a tooth thing from being stressed and run down. Huh. Anyway, I have two days off. I politely declined the antidepressants – seriously weird consult, that bit she offered after we talked about my day job a bit. The sympathy cheered me up some!

And I am home, trying to de-con-press more and hoping that my tooth will settle down and does not need to be cut out. Cause seriously? I don’t think I got what that needs in me right now.



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  • By Fe on 10 May 2011 at 2:12 am

    My wisdom teeth flared up about 2 weeks before my wedding… (I was on antibiotics for my hen’s night… not quite as I’d anticipated). There was no move to cut them out immediately—the important thing was to clear out the infection first… it was a couple of months later that I had them removed (that may not be quite as much delay as you were after:-) But once the infection was dealt with, I had no more pain… but seriously! The pain from the teeth was worse than any other pain I can recall, bar one—and that _wasn’t_ childbirth!)

  • By AlisaK on 10 May 2011 at 9:01 pm

    What horrible timing! I’m quite buoyed by the lack of urgency, I’m hoping my situation will be the same.

    The earache I had at my sister’s wedding was almost the worst pain I think I’ve ever experienced. It’s all very painful. :(

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