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As I write this, I’ve just made a doctor’s appointment for the raging earache I’ve had all weekend long and I’m trying to figure out whether I go to work first or call in sick or what. Due to stubbornness, I want to see *my* doctor who is an hour and a half away and work is en route.

That said, I had an utterly fabulous weekend. It was probably the best weekend I’ve had in a very very long time – I wanted to write “in at least a year” but that thought made me sad. I didn’t do very much and I didn’t get a lot done but I had a really great time (there’s probably something to learn in that).

I admit that I’ve been somewhat of a grumble bum this last fortnight and probably quite miserable to be around. It took me an hour and a half to get to C’s place after work on Friday and it was more of the same. I wanted to know how long dinner would take and got teased about sounding like a 1950s husband. C wanted to know if I wanted my slippers and a beer, and actually, that sounded quite good (and I don’t drink beer). C popped out to get some Little Creatures and we had one each whilst watching Masterchef and eating a delicious minestrone soup that he cooked (and I hate minestrone soup – are you sensing a theme here yet?). And maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the knowledge that I had the next two days off from commitments but I finally managed to lighten the hell up, giggle and be a bit silly. And we had the loveliest evening just hanging out and watching TV and reading and just being us, together. It was such a not effort thing but was really special to me. Maybe that’s the thing, after so long with so many constant commitments and demands on my time, it was so glorious to have none and just be with C.

Saturday I popped passed Tehani’s place to pick up boxes of books (OMG I am forever packing and unpacking boxes of books in and out of my car!). And we had a lovely cuppa and chat. And it was nice to catch up with minimal (ha!) business to run through. I popped past my house and then onto my parents where I had coffee and helped my mum to baste the quilt she’s working on. And it was really lovely to sit in their patio and drink a coffee and catch up with her. So relaxing and so much like I was getting back to the pure basics of who I am.

Saturday night, we did takeaway after the rugby game and just hung out. And again, it was glorious!

Sunday was Mother’s day and we do a family breakfast for our mum and it’s lovely that our group is expanding and expanding aka my niece is hilarious! I was able to critique my hollandaise sauce and be properly dissatisfied with it. Thank you Masterchef. I was very happy to have finished off two pairs of socks I have been knitting in various meetings and behind Twelfth Planet Press tables for a while and give them both to my Mum! Her feet get sore in the cold weather. So, when it gets cold here again, we can hope, she will be prepared!

Then we went PUPPY SHOPPING! Oh yes we did!! We’ve known we want to adopt a puppy for a while and we know the kind of puppy we want but the problem has been not wanting to get this kind of dog from a pet store or puppy farm. I’d done some research but couldn’t find any breeders to deal with directly. Because my mother is awesome, she actually found an ethical pet store that specialises in the kind of dog we are looking for – another Bichon or a Moodle (Maltese/poodle). Ok, I admit I only wanted a Moodle since I went there and discovered the name. It’s hilarious. We went to check them out on Sunday and we played with a couple of oh so cute puppies! We’re not quite ready or set up for taking one home just yet but it’s great to know where we can go when we are ready.

I headed off for coffee with Jonathan and Marianne for the afternoon. Soooooo good. I love sitting in their formal lounge in and amongst all the BOOKS. And it’s so rejuvinating and healing to just be amongst friends who know you. We talked about the industry and podcasts and all the boring things that noone else would be interested in.

And then it was too soon time for me to leave. I picked up C’s mum and headed to his brother’s for C’s mum’s Mother’s Day – C cooked dinner. Twas very lovely and nice to spend time with the quieter members of his family and get to know them better.

And that was my weekend. Very little “productive work” done. But made me so happy. And centred and grounded me a lot.




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