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Being on the convention committee, it turns out, makes for a very different experience and view of a convention. I had no concept of time for most of it. And I didn’t get to have catch ups with many people. I did, on the other hand, actually meet and speak to more people than I normally would. It meant then, that the highlights for me were often fleeting moments or conversations or things. And all the little things that individuals contributed which made up the big event itself.

Terri made this awesome (and gluten free!) TPP logo cake for a small celebration we had after we launched the Twelve Planets series. And in the background you can see she’s made little cakes which were a version (I think?) of her Galactic Suburbia 1st birthday cake.

I was actually too busy and hadn’t had a chance to look at the fan art show for the first couple of days so I only found out about this work *after* Tehani and C were in a bidding war to buy it for me:

Not sure it’s come out too well here but it’s a set of champagne glasses inspired by Glitter Rose. Which OMG – was so uplifting that someone responded to the collection by wanting to create some artwork inspired by it and also OMG YES! – champagne glasses are so appropriate! And also, I was so touched that they both wanted to buy them for me. I’m looking forward to having them out on display.

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  • By Stephanie Gunn on 11 May 2011 at 5:23 pm

    I admired those glasses and hoped they would go to someone lovely – so glad that they did! :)

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