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It’s been a very surreal space having worked so hard and so intensely with so many others for some time and then … it’s all done. We have some wrapping up and some reflection and all that jazz but that’s not for now. Now is for recovery. And not doing things.

So it’s not really surprising that I have no idea what one does when one does not do things. I’ve had to actively remind myself that I am not doing things now. Often. And that I should not have a daily to do list or a daily quota of any kind that needs meeting. And that it’s ok, mandatory, in fact, to actively NOT do things on whole days. Because, this will make me feel better (soon I hope! I’m still having Swancon nightmares).

So, what DO you do under such cirmcumstances.

Well. I’ve reorganised the TPP stock. Seriously. I am someone who constantly sets random milestones or goals or triggers for action, places along the way for marking progress and personal reward. And one of the things I like to see is a decline in the number of stock TPP holds (duh). And so, I’m forever rearranging and reorganising all the books in their boxes. If two boxes are each half full, why, combining them would remove an empty box from the house = progress! That kind of thing. But what with shuffling books in and out of boxes and also taking stock to Worldcon and Swancon and back, everything was kind of all over the place and I no longer knew what was in each box or what books were where.

So, reorganisation was in order! Also a labelling system. And sure,  I admit, this (see Exhibit A, to the left) could have been overkill but it’s pretty glorious to be able to figure out what books are where.  And the shuffling of books between boxes can continue.


I’ve also been reading. I can hardly believe it –  I thought it would be so much harder to get myself back there. It turns out that 1) I love reading and 2) when I have the time, I love to, and can, read. I’ve nearly read another book in a week – so two in the last fortnight after possibly none in the whole year beforehand. And I’ve gotten back onto the Last Short Story saddle. Today I read an issue of Asimovs, the most recent issue of Electric Velocipede and half of a SF anthology. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be reading again. And enjoying reading again. It might be that I don’t get to do it every day when things ramp back up again (they will ramp up again, I spose, much as I’ve promised myself a year of no additional commitments at all – a promise far more strict than The Bet) but even a couple of days a week would keep me happy.




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  • By Stephanie Gunn on 11 May 2011 at 5:25 pm

    I’m glad that you’re getting joy out of reading at the moment.

    And those boxes of books make me happy to see! Though I’ve just realised that I don’t own New Ceres Nights (I think it’s the only 12PP publication I don’t.). Will need to rectify that soon.

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