May 16   Less is more

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My current obsession is catching up on Survivor Redemption (last week it was Fringe and Mike and Molly). I think this, the 22nd season of Survivor, is close to the best season yet. One of my criticisms of the early seasons was after the first run through where Richard Hatch laid out how you played the game to win, the game pretty much was just played that way. Over and over again. And it got boring. But then they reinvented the game, in a way, when interesting characters came along and through in some more game changers (immunity idols) and showed that the game could be played differently – no longer an alliance of four would guarantee you through to the final four.

Anyway, I’m still quite far behind but what I’m observing about social politics is much along on the lines of what I’ve observed generally in the last month – that saying less says more.

And I’d expand on that but then, that would be more, when really, less is more.


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