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So, I’m moving house and complaining about how much stuff I have and asking why I have so much stuff. I didn’t think I had that many books (been feeling down about how many books I have) and yet, in moving them – I have a lot of books. So we spent the morning working on culling, packing and moving and then headed past the Planet Books sale. We needed some books on puppy training.

My haul (for a mere $37 – ridiculous!)

Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

Villette by Charlotte Bronte

Passage by Connie Willis

Wizard Squared by K E Mills

The Margarets by Sheri S Tepper


Now, I’d been starting to think, since I HAVE been reading, that I could justify some book accumulation. Probably not 5 new books though. So am blogging here to remind myself to either finish 5 books and/or remove 5 books from my current collection/to read shelves.



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