June 20   Moving Deja Vu

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Friends, did I not say last time I moved that I would never ever ever again just pack up all my crap and relocate it? Did I not promise I would go through everything I packed up last time, and sort and cull it before I moved again?

Well. I failed. I just spent the last weekend, with help, madly packing up an entire house, with no sorting, no downsizing, no decluttering. It was the usual madness of rushing to get everything ready for the movers. I ran out of bin space, I could see many many things I actually didn’t need and could part with but I ran out of time.


And so I promise AGAIN to never ever DO THAT again! And yet? Now, after a half day of loading and unloading a truck, wrestling couches in and out of too small doorways. Well, now I am inside this house so … it kinda doesn’t matter til I move again. Oh no! Well, actually this house is smaller than where I have moved from. It has two adults with multiple collecting hobbies. And almost no storage. So I shall have to be very ruthless in coming days/weeks, in order to get my space back to something that is not stressful to me.

I present the before photo, something you might have seen on Hoarders: Buried Alive:






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  • By Daniel Simpson on 20 June 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Ah yes, the IKEA glass cabinet. The calling card of the geeky collector.

    Got more than a few of those myself :)

  • By AlisaK on 20 June 2011 at 5:38 pm

    AND! We nearly forgot to pack it! It went in at the last minute.

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