July 31   Podcast review!

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Secondly, Galactic Suburbia got an absolutely awesome review over on Hoyden About Town on Friday. I think what I love most about this review is how much it captures how I see the podcast and how well I think we are meeting what we hope the podcast to be:

And I love it that the three of them are coming from different places in the SF world – authoring, publishing, and consuming – though of course they’re all fans as well. And that they are fans of different aspects of SF, from ‘hard’ engineering science fiction to magical fantasy. And that you feel like you’re hearing part of their life, instead of actors in a studio: sometimes the baby cries, sometimes the dog barks, sometimes they need to take a break to take care of things. And most of all I love it that it feels like I’m sitting in a living room with them over cake and cocktails, and talking and joking and ranting and arguing about the cultural and fan world that simultaneously captivates and frustrates us immensely.

We love feedback to the podcast! Please keep sending it! We love hearing that you argue with us, laugh with/at us, read along with us. We love reading your stories about feminism and SF.



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