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The Horror Writers Association will award the Bram Stoker’s Vampire Novel of the Century in 2012. The award is in memory of 100 years since the death of Bram Stoker and will be given in conjunction with his estate. The jury will be chaired by Leslie S. Klinger, one of the world’s foremost authorities on DRACULA and include Jo Fletcher, Ron Breznay, James Dorr and Linda Addison. The six nominees will be announced late in January.

The WSFS Business Meeting has deliberated on the creation of a new Hugo category for audio and visual to be separated from the paper Fanzine and to also look at the contentious SemiProzine eligibilities. The wording of the outcomes is here. A new Fancast category has been created and some changes have been made to the SemiProzine.

Other News

I struggled for the point in this Forbes article but did find the fact that at one point, Stephenie Meyer’s sales accounted for 15% of all books sold in the US. Which, if nothing else, is deeply interesting in terms of gender and age bias. A book aimed at female teens can have that much pull? Imagine what sales could be made if the gatekeepers and book buyers took that into consideration more often.

Angry Robot have announced their latest project – WorldBuilder. More playing around with what’s possible under Creative Commons Licences and embracing fan interaction.

Pan Macmillan is now open to manuscripts on Manuscript Monday.

The A to Z series of women authors of science fiction and fantasy – Wednesday for updates.

10 Tips for Interviews – for Interviewer and Interviewee. I’d add one for the interviewer – the interview is not about you, you’re the facilitator to make the interviewee talk. Nothing worse than listening to interviewers suck up to the interviewee or name drop to sound cool.

Geena Davis is cool. I’ve always thought so. I LOVE A League of Their Own. And I loved Commander in Chief. She is an awesome role model and at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media she again is a role model both for taking up this issue but more importantly, doing something important about it. When I grow up, I kinda wanna be Geena Davis.

This week Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the Microsoft Reader effective August 30, 2012. The effective of this is a change in ebook format with the phasing out of .lit file format and a push towards .pub.


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