August 21   I hate packing

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I really really hate packing. And I’m still procrastinating on it now at nearly 8pm. I’m off for 3 days in the field for work. Most of the work team will be there. It will be 10 hour days of field work, then probably 2 hours at night before bed and repeat. Packing should not be this big a deal! And yet, I’m always thinking how much I could do in my leisure time since I will have some! I keep thinking I’ll pack this book and then a second and then some knitting and my laptop to do editing and and and. When truthfully, I think one book, one pair of socks to knit (2.5hour car drive to the site and back). And that is really probably all I will have time for. I am still thinking I should take my laptop – I have much needed editing to get to. And you never know. It could bucket down one day and they cancel the work. Ooh maybe I should take 2 books then?

All I want to do is watch Doctor Who (yeah yeah I know) and continue working on this shawl I’m making (the drama of which I will save for another post).

Anyway. The long and short of it is that I will be offline (I KNOW) til Wednesday night – no phone, no internet where we’re going. I’m going to struggle with that, for sure. I’ve queued up some posts cause I was chatty this weekend so likely you’ll not even notice I’m gone.

This is a fantastic shot of the puppy this afternoon whilst I was manically tweeting the Hugos – I had Tweetdeck and email on my laptop, the ceremony (eventually) streaming through my iphone sitting just in front of it and I was working on my knitting. Pups pulled up the back end by napping through the whole thing. Poor thing. Not sure this weather agrees with him.

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