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More on the changes to the Hugo category for the Semiprozine – the 2011 Report of the SemiProzine Committee. It includes an overview of the Zine continuum and the issues that have arisen with the categories as they stood up til 2011. Also included are the Minority Reports which were also debated at the meeting on Saturday.

And the 2011 Hugos Awards go to … THESE PEOPLE Galactic Suburbia will of course deconstruct and dissect in enormous detail for those who weren’t at our Twitterati parti. And you can download all the voting and nomination stats here


Michael Stackpole discusses some of the issues around ebook sales reporting and auditing.

Simon Haynes is blogging his journey to self publishing his next series. Here he talks about setting publishing goals.

Harper Collins produces a cover that looks very reminiscent of some art they tried to buy. Discussion here on the legalities. And some interesting points on copyrighting work.


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