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Aliette de Bodard – On the Prevalence of US Tropes in Storytelling

New York City’s spots for book lovers

Curiosity Quills Interviews Jane Friedman Some interesting thoughts on the online and self publishing movement. Though complete ignorance of small press.

The Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) is looking for candidates for 2012 Eastbound TAFF trip – winners go to Eastercon 2012.

Amazon’s Big Tablet to miss the holiday - although the Super Kindle is go!

Bloomsbury acquires Absolute Press

USA Today’s Big Books for Fall

Dark Horse’s Trailer for Buffy Season 9 and Angel and Faith –  August 2011

Ingram launches Global Connect

a new program that will allow publishers in any country to print and distribute titles in countries where Ingram has its own operations as well as in countries of one of its partners.

Advertising in Ebooks – Heresy or Genius? As a publisher, I can see the financial side of it but … if advertisers can truly see how much attention and time we interact with their ads, won’t they know how much we actually ignore them? Could *that* be the end to ads?

College students buy the ebooks

Girl Genius on removing themselves from next years Hugo ballot consideration

Why Are So Many Literary Writers Shifting into Genre?

Dymocks to add a publishing arm to their business model

National Short Story Week – guest editor Tania Hershman, Short Story Addict (mentions a few names including our friend Rob Shearman!)


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