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So. I’ve been ignoring tomorrow for as long as I physically could. It’s kind of the beginning of my journey as sea widow. C is off to complete a course over east and I shall be home, in R’ham by myself. An hour away from most of my friends, my family, my favourite haunts and cafes and stuff. But. I lived alone for what was it? 4 years? I’ll be fine. Even if this is the first time we’re gonna be apart for this long since the beginning of the year. And, you know, I’m an independent and very busy woman! I’ll be fine. I said that already.

Anyway, I decided what I would do was set myself a bunch of things I wanted to get done whilst C is away – maybe things that would be time consuming and immersive (and that would be neglectful to spend hours alone doing when C is here) and that would create more mess before resulting in order. I have a bunch of Twelfth Planet Press goals but also a bunch of household organisational tasks. I think if I have some time and space to organise and tidy up from my move in, then there will be places for things by the time C gets home and we can run maintenance from there. Well, that’s the plan.

And the first step in that plan was to fit in a trip to Ikea (amongst a bunch of other errands we had to run today including a tuxedo fitting and wedding present shopping and breakfast at Tiger Tiger, did I mention lately how much I love my guy?) to buy yet more bookshelves and storage. And C scheduled in a Hot Ikea Furniture Assembly Date Night to put it all together for me before he left and for me to fill whilst he is away. Well, I didn’t manage to commit to a TV unit for my main area. Gah! Such a troublesome thing. I want something not imposing but with lots of storage. But we did buy two bookshelf units. After C hunted high and low in the warehouse bit for a black Billy unit which were NOT were their assignation said they should be. And we put them together tonight.

This top one is in this bizarre nook in the bedroom (the crap to the right is C’s crap that used to sit where my bookcase now is). And I’m in trouble because as you can see, I already filled it. Well it’s my to read bookcase! Which yes, is stressful to have in the bedroom but I can’t see it from my bed and it is also filled with books I actually think I want to read. Though I have since discovered another small bookcase of to read queue. And I have also done the panic of – but this is a whole bookcase of books that will need to be shelved once I’ve read them!! C pointed out that I needed to read them first and we all know about that caper.

This black one is the second bookcase and after getting in trouble for filling the first, I have left it empty, as you can see. It’s the fourth Billy bookcase that C has assembled and he has now passed Billy Bookcase Assembly Cert 1. However, the spot I eyed off that I knew it would definitely fit into is C’s gaming room. And once it was there, it became appealing to him for his games. And I think I was confronted with my first moment of “us” v “me” – if I fill this bookcase with his games (currently kinda spread all across the house), I can have all the bookshelf and other spaces they currently take up. And the question is, did I lose shelf space by trading a whole bookcase?? But as C pointed out, it’s our house now and my objective is for the whole house to be tidy not just for my stuff to be tidy. It’s sneaky but I’ll pay it. I think. And in so doing, I shall nab his current stackable shelf things for my DVDs in my TV area (yes, we are those people, and we fit perfectly together because of this) and see how that goes.

So. Once he’s gone tomorrow and I have been and come back from a wedding, I shall compile my (prioritised) task list for the ten days ahead. I’m not allowed to overload it and be disappointed in myself when he comes back. Maybe I’ll have bonus round tasks instead.



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