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In letting go of beating myself up about not reading fast enough, not knitting/sewing on one project til it’s finished before picking up something else to do etc I’m beginning to view my life with new eyes and its almost like I’m doing it differently. Even though I’ve changed nothing. I’ve realised that, if you have a lot of interests, or a lot you have to get done, it just takes you longer to do it. If I only get to knit on my shawl once this week, but I also knit on a pair of socks, cut out fabric for a quilt project, read books, watched episodes of a TV show and recorded podcasts. so what if none of those things got finished this week? They are all elements of expressing my creativity, and they will all get done. Eventually. It’s quite freeing to let go of the guilt of time. And one of the things that helped was paying attention to writers – writers write when they can. And sometimes that’s for a daily quota, and sometimes it’s on their day off from work, or the one day in the week their kids aren’t home. Doesn’t change the fact that all of them are writers and will (hopefully) turn in finished work at some point.




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