September 8   Day 4

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I faired better today than yesterday, I was determined to do so. Actually, I had a bad day at work, suffering eye strain for the second day in a row. That’s really weird for me because I’m used to long hours in front of a computer. A at work told me it’s the GIS software, which I have been using a fair amount this week. She thinks it refreshes a lot and flashes and told me she can only do a couple of hours a day on it. I might try and do none tomorrow, unless I finish the piece of work I am writing and need maps for.

So it felt quite bad – what do you do when you can’t use your eyes in a desk job? I did manage to catch the Outer Alliance Podcast 11 today which is 2 hours long and well worthy of the time. Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond from the Writer and the Critic guest on the show and they read Horn and Bleed as Ian’s suggested books. I would have listened anyway because I always love their conversations about books. They both have an awesome rapport with Julia Rios, the host. And the whole episode is absorbing and engaging stuff.

I came home and decided finding 30 was a good thing to do in this instance. I started the Couch to 5k all the way back at the beginning. Excitedly, it wasn’t remotely as foul as it was the first time round. I haven’t been running since a month before Swancon and C has been teasing me that I can’t keep “runner” in my bio if I’m not actually running. I’m glad I am not as unfit now as I was when I first started. Perhaps the “couch” in Couch to 5k doesn’t mean “lying on the couch for the last 8 years”? I realised that I could actually run in the backyard – it’s a pretty decent size, being on a corner block, and a 1 minute run was about a 1.5 lap. I’m not comfortable being out and about exercising in my suburb alone at dusk/dark. It also meant I could exercise the puppy off the leash. And that went how you’d expect. He got bored about 10 mins in and kept getting distracted by weeds n things and then he’d race of to meet me at the next turn. Now I just need him to provide cups of water and I’ve realised my Olympic dream. By the end, he gave up and just lay down and watched me. Still, I appreciated the support.

Just as I finished and came inside, the food delivery truck arrived. They were actually 30 minutes before the window but I was home and it was good to get it all sorted. C ordered me the food yesterday from Sydney. And he must be missing us because Pups got a toy and I got some treats. My crumpets for dinner got exchanged for smoked salmon on a turkish bread roll. I intended to have either one of the Magnums he sent or the second dessert from the pack I bought yesterday but the weirdest thing happened. I wasn’t in the mood for dessert. I KNOW!

Funny thing about this running thing. I’ve had a slight epiphany in that, if my problem (or one of them) is that I comfort eat, then, what if I just found something else that was comforting? I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at it that way before. Mostly I’ve tried to deny that I needed comfort which doesn’t really help. But I’m looking at it more that not exercising is the self- punishment rather than the exercise being the punishment for other things. Which turns the experience on its head and could be why this time I finally got my endorphin rush. The act of exercising became an act of self love. And then dinner became about refuelling and I didn’t really need any other food for the evening, junk or otherwise.

I got my fruit and veggie box. So tomorrow night I shall make me up a good soup. Or maybe I’ll leave it to Sunday night and portion them out for lunches during the week. I also got lots of apples which I shall bake for desserts as per before.

What else? I did a little more of the sorting of games. We’re up to PC games. And then I backfilled some of the space vacated by games with text books which I have scavenged from across the house. This has freed up space in the bookcases in my TV area. And tomorrow night I hope to fill those with some of my books and see if I can actually get to the original point in all of this – housing all my books which are currently on the floor in the study and double packed into the two new bookcases in there.

I also did a load of dishes and a load of laundry. Hopefully this will all set me up in good stead for the weekend. Especially since I have other errands to run.

I finally sucked up my courage and made the TPP announcement today which I have been pussyfooting around with since Swancon.

And I watched an episode of Doctor Who.

Not bad for a day, I guess? More tomorrow.



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