September 11   Day 7

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I am not into the countdown. As soon as Friday was here, I could say, “Last Friday night before C will be home.” And now I just have to make it though the working week … sigh … the whole working week.

Still, I know I have been working hard on the house and yet it feels like I’ve barely gotten started. Today I was supposed to “work really hard” but then I wouldn’t have had a rest day, really, and back to work tomorrow. So I kinda mooched. What did I achieve:

  • currently waiting for my soup to cool and then I will portion it out for lunches for work
  • many loads of laundry. I don’t know how many but I am not up to date and I did woollens and the two winter blankets
  • dishes remain up to date
  • all the F&SF mags have been unpacked, sorted and found a lovely home on a shelf
  • the National Geographics have likewise been culled for doubles (how did I still have doubles I thought I culled?), sorted and given a home
  • I have begun to sort all the cook books. And they have a shelf
  • the DVD box sets for TV shows look gorg all alphabetised and in their new DVD tower home
  • the kitchen table has been mostly recleared
  • cleared the back deck and rearranged things a bit. I think it gives more light into the house.
  • Figured out how to solve the wardrobe crisis. Tomorrow I will rearrange it to prove that my way has more room
  • cleaned out some of the fridge
  • answered lots of emails, still lots to answer
  • packaged up more TPP orders
  • watched half? of Season 3 of Doctor Who

I’m hoping there will be an aha or cascading moment on the house. A lot of what I am do is regigging things to create more room. And so lots of small projects or spaces are currently under construction. I’m hoping it will end up with “move this here, pick this up there, shift that over and … bing, bang boom … wow!” I’ll let you know if that happens :)


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