September 13   Day 9

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Bleurgh. What a day. I hadn’t been asleep two hours last night when the poor puppy was ill, for about an hour and a half. And when I say ill, I mean, his spirits were not at all dampened and he snacked and finally, when he was working on a chew at 3.30 am, I decided he was ok. I think I overly enthusiastically made up for the underfeeding in too dramatic a move. Poor pups, he must have felt awful. Though he seems so unperturbed. I got up at about 7.30 and kept an eye on him til 9 but he seemed totally fine so I went to work.

Work was crazy. I was preparing for an afternoon meeting when an emergency landed in my lap requiring an hour turnaround. I met it and was pleased to have done it for a different branch manager. He was very nice and gave me lots of praise, which suddenly made the general dearth of the rest of the time so stark in contrast. Then I headed off to an afternoon meeting in the city with someone from another area whom I liaise with And … other expertlike people also attended and damn it was fascinating. I learned many many interesting things, touched base with counterparts etc and generally missed the old role I used to have. There’s a theme.

I was feeling somewhat tired and was telling C that I felt bad taking another night off and not getting house things done. When he reminded me that I promised not to set too high goals and then feel disappointed when I don’t meet them, I felt reenergised and got a few things done (how does he do that?). The dishes which seemed too hard last night were a breeze. I made myself another haloumi burger for dinner. I unpacked all my shopping from the weekend and finally hung it up. I started working on the sorting and rearranging of my books which got to a point of being able to put almost all the piles that were on the floor into a bookcase somewhere, somehow. Though this revealed two more piles of National Geographics … nooooooooo! And I did some more of the cookbooks.

Felt like more, really. But it wasn’t. And I think I earned an early bedtime what with all that being up last night business.

I watched a couple of episodes of Doctor Who, including Blink, which is the first episode so far I have actually enjoyed watching.


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