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Well I am on my last 18% of my computer memory so I guess that’s my work done for the day. I’m not done, there might have been tears but I’ll suck it up like the princess I am. (Oh no! I won’t get to listen to the Writer and the Critic at work tomorrow ;_; )

So. I didn’t feel overly productive today. I felt at times like I was grappling to hold on and to get anything done. I didn’t sleep very well – C came home just after midnight and we chatted and I got Starbucks presents and chocolate. And then the puppy was a bit hyper etc. So I was tired when I got into work this morning. So tired in fact, that when I reached for our very special, clean skin Five Senses coffee beans that J and I are drinking at work, I somehow took the lid off by just unclipping it from the bottom and spilled close to 1kg of beans all over the floor.

And here’s my OCD report – J is quite particular about things too (she won’t drink milk if it’s been left out for several hours in a meeting, just like I wouldn’t! Kinship) and she said she would drink the coffee from beans from the floor and had in fact done this exact thing before (though not with our beans.) So we all collected all the beans up and I totally ground and made a coffee with them. And drunk it. Yeah. I know.

Still feel bad for being clumsy with the uber expensive beans that we’re sharing!

I did not run today.

What I did do:

  • read a rewrite for Through Splintered Walls
  • sent two shorts for Bad Power to the proofreaders
  • answered a TONNE of emails and am down to 15 in my inbox, not including whats filed in “Action” and “Reply”
  • coordinated some ebook issues
  • did a food shop (in the real shops for a change)
  • watched half an episode of Doctor Who before getting into laptop recharging strife
  • will now have to load up some stuff to my thumbdrive and then go find something else to do

Tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully I will have my leave request for Monday granted for a thing I have to go do. And then it is THE WEEKEND! There will be a recording of episode 2 of Live and Sassy (you can send us feedback by the way to – let us know what you want to hear us talk about!). I will also be getting my hair done and heading off to a very fancy ball (at the Hyatt, not sure I am ready to go back there yet but them’s the breaks) with a very gorgeous man. And then working Sunday.




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