September 24   Lazy Weekend Hurrah!

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I think today has been my favourite Saturday in a long long time.

Yesterday the puppy had an operation (you know, the one …) and C picked him up from the vet at 5pm. He’d apparently bounced back very quickly from the anaesthetic and been the pet around the vet’s all day, being loved and brushed and fawned over. When I got home, he was Half!Puppy – excited to see me but unable to jump. And also running around to lie down near you. He spent most of the evening feeling very sorry for himself. And for the first time ever, put himself to bed! Today he’s been a little bit more lively but still lolling about and looking quite pathetic. It looks very painful to me, poor thing.

So I got a nice sleep in this morning – as much as one can living with those two. And then after watching a bit more Haven, I popped over to Helen’s place to borrow some books before she heads off on her adventure. I want to get some reading done whilst she’s away for a project that’s on the backburner. Bit annoyed that people borrow books and don’t return them – she kept finding books she thought she had that were missing. Tomorrow, I’m going to look through all the borrowed books I have, and return them! And she’s only gone for four months – I think I borrowed about 20 books, will I really get them read in that time?

On the way home, and might I add that this was the first time that I did not get lost coming home from her place, and sadly the last time I’ll visit in a while :(, I stopped off at the shops. And feeling all inspired and lazy Saturdayish and I dunno, in a really positive mindset, I did a food shop. We’ve been mostly shopping online and having it delivered but hadn’t done an order this week. I was supposed to get like 5 items but felt in the mood for doing a good fresh food shop and planned a few meals to make. Also bought some chilli plants. Feeling a bit more settled in and making my home homely, I think.

I came home and watched yet more Haven, tidied up the clothes and also finally finally found the top of my desk in the study. And then actually used the desktop for work. Sweet joy! Ooh I skyped with Tansy who keeps pitching things at my head. AND Jem said Hello! to me for the first time! That stuff just gets you, doesn’t it? So brilliant!

For dinner I made shitake mushroom risotto from scratch and properly and threw some spinach leaves with a sour cherry balsamic dressing. I do believe it was delicious!

Now I’m watching Doctor Who before heading to bed to finish off Haven and I guess get a leg up on all that reading! I’m looking forward to more of the same, but more Twelfth Planet Press work, tomorrow.



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