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I’m blogging right before I head off to bed with a silly book and a cup of tea because I feel like today was less productive than I hoped it would be.

I went to bed very uncomfortably last night, really not being able to explain why my wrist elbows and shoulders were so sore. I couldn’t work out if I’d eaten something that maybe I shouldn’t (tomatoes, eggplants) or didn’t get enough sleep (I have this thing) or what. As I lay there with a hot pack, it began to rain and I realised … oh yeah! That. New thing this year, I seem to be getting achy joints right before it rains. This is sad because I love stormy weather. Also, I’m only 35. Is it going to be like this from now on? And, I did not give my grandmother anywhere near the sympathy she deserved for her arthritis. I think that’s such a vague describer and I never really understood until I started to have this moving, achy, painful thing this year. She suffered for years with it and it got much worse towards the end of her life.

Anyway, so I woke up still quite sore and that’s extended til now. Even my fingers are starting to ache. And by about 3pm, I had this horrible headache set in. I can’t work out if that’s hayfever (it’s a really bad year) or some kind of cold I am getting or if I am having difficulty staring at the screen at work all day (doing slightly different work to what I used to do). Blah, listen to how complainy I am!

I came home and floomped, basically. I pushed myself to do a few things:

  • edited final story in Bad Power and sent back to Deb
  • updated TPP finance spreadsheets
  • created a second ebook product in the TPP webstore for the Kindle version of Love and Romanpunk (broke my brain on that)
  • created my first shipment on the TNT website whereupon apparently they will come and collect my delivery for me (cept I booked it for Weds which is Jewish New Year so now I have to move it but I printed off all the forms already blah blah)

Not much, as I said. And now I will take my sorry self to bed.


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