October 21   Finally, my Xmas present

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Long time readers may recall that for Xmas last year, C gave me “a week”. That’s right, he gave me time.

What I can’t work out is why I didn’t choose to redeem this gift the week before or the week after Swancon?

Anyway, I decided to redeem it this week. I have decided to not feel guilty about what I did or didn’t contribute. If I don’t feel I need to give time to these, and can spend it on getting what I need to get done before I leave without feeling guilty, then I think it was a  good gift.

I’m basically packed. I’m going to weigh my suitcase in a minute and then regroup. And then I’m going to pack my handbag even though I’m still out and about tomorrow running errands. My plane leaves at midnight.

My ipod is up to date with all my podcasts to listen to. I should have my noise cancelling headphones. I have two books for the journey there – Books 1 and 2 of The Creature Court – and will look at the airport as I board. I’ve also browsed the entertainment for the plane – Cathay Pacific – looks like I can find a few hours to spend there. I haven’t managed to find my darn template for the quilting and have decided to make up a new one tonight. And I shall have copies of the first three books of The Twelve Planets for sale in the dealers room.

Looks like I’m nearly ready to go! I shall be meeting family for the first time on arrival and spending a few days with them before the convention. I’m looking forward to it now – OMG I AM ON LEAVE! (just realised) – and know that it will go by in a whirlwind. Ah well, such is life.



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  • By Mit on 22 October 2011 at 12:20 am

    Have fun!

  • By Sean the Bookonaut on 22 October 2011 at 8:24 am

    Enjoy. I will be looking forward to Supanova in Brisbane.

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