October 23   Perth to Hong Kong

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Ahhhh that was so a good idea to book and prepaid for the Traveler’s Lounge here in Hong Kong airport. This was my mother’s idea, her brother and sister in law do it and it was definitely a good compromise for my 8 hour layover here which was to reduce in flight flying time to LA. Here I am on a comfy lounge, free wifi and electricity, free coffee and pastries and I already am starting to feel more human. In 20 minutes I can go have a shower and then at midday I am booked in for a 30 minute massage. I showed up 2 hours early but that just means my 5 hour block runs out at 3pm. I think I board at 4 so that works out fine.

But that’s the wrong chronological order!!!

My flight from Perth was at midnight last night and we headed up to the airport a little bit early to grab dinner and because I *need* to check my bags in *as soon as* the counter opens. (If you knew my grandmother, you would understand this.) It turned out that my cousin’s husband was on the same flight so she and he were there and her parents. This meant I could finally introduce them to C, which was nice. That’s *almost* all my family he has met. And we sat and had coffee and something to eat before the flight. I failed to get my Duty Free shopping down in Perth. I would have liked to have it sorted so I could just pick it up on my way back. Likewise, I haven’t really been enthused here in Hong Kong. I think I’ll do this bit on my way back through on the way home.

My flight was ok. I took something to help me sleep and I think I got between 3 and 5 hours of some sort of sleep. I feel not too disgusting anyway. But at about 3am, I think, I was suddenly pinned to my chair by the guy next to me, and then he started screaming, like in one long scream, like he was having an episode, or a stroke or something. I was very scared. I asked him if he was ok and then got up and walked all the way to the back galley before I found a steward. There were two in there and they laughed and asked me if he was stretching and then the woman sent the man down to check it out. He came back laughing and said, “No he’s just like this now,” and demonstrated slumped forward in seat. They offered me a drink since I was down there and I grabbed a water and headed back to my seat. But after that, I was kinda sleeping with one eye open and as breakfast came out, I got up to go to the bathroom and remembered the woman sitting in a row of four seats by herself. I asked her if I could sit there and then did for the last hour/hour and a half and finally started reading my book.

I think before now, I would have explained so as to not hurt the other guy’s feelings. But these days, I figure, I can actually just look out for myself and if I don’t like something, I can just walk away without a scene. It was a very pleasant landing as I started Power and Majesty from the beginning.

Which brings me to here and me packing up to go grab a shower :)


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