October 25   San Diego Day 1

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I took yesterday slow and steady and it seemed to go pretty well!

First up, for $10 I could have breakfast in bed – juice, carafe of coffee (don’t ask) and a basket of pastries – delivered to me by a lovely man on a bike with a trailer. I enjoyed the decadence muchly. I also watched some good old morning American TV. And lazed about and whatnot.

Later in the morning my cousin and her partner came and picked me up to take me out for the day. They are so sweet – they’d found my blog and the Galactic Suburbia podcast and researched up on me! We went to a funky, cool part of town first up, as per my request – I think maybe North Park (is that a place?). We sat in a very cool cafe and had coffee and just hung out and talked and got to know each other. Kinda one of my favourite things to do. This is the first time I’ve met this part of my family and it’s always interesting to see what is genetic and what you have in common and stuff. Especially personality wise and things. Coincidentally, I was looking out the window at the bill across a theatre that announced Amanda Palmer will be performing there on the 28th. I had vanilla nut cafe au lait.

Then we wandered around, in and out of a few independent bookstores before heading to The Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore. Turns out that is where the mass booksigning will be tomorrow night. I was showing my cousin Jonathan’s Engineering Infinity and the guy was like, oh yeah, he’ll be here signing. Heh, I wonder if Jonathan knows that? Meanwhile, they’ve tracked down books by so many people who will be at the con that I suspect they will make for excellent shopping later on. I bought nothing as I am currently trying not to acquire luggage weight.

We headed back to my cousin’s place, with Mexican take out. I met the dogs -all three of them! And we all hung out. They’d told me to pack my computer because “they don’t hang out unless they each have their computers out and are on the internet etc” – hello, my people or what? Course we mostly chatted. I did catch up on email and we watched a bit of a claymation movie before another cousin showed up – her brother. He was also lovely to meet and we all went out for Vietnamese for dinner and played that “so how are we related?” game and just, you know, told stories and got to know each other.

I’m really glad that WFC is in San Diego this year and I’ve had the chance to meet some of my cousins.Now I’ve met them and got to know them, I know that we will stay in touch and they will be part of my life, and what if I’d not come here and not met them and that never happened? You know when you meet people who you connect with and understand? It’s pretty cool. Anyhow.

I’d better go get dressed. I’m off to meet Mr Charles A Tan, finally, for breakfast!

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  • By Sean the Bookonaut on 26 October 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Enjoy dinner!

  • By AlisaK on 27 October 2011 at 12:39 am


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