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Yesterday was a much more mellow day. S picked me up and we headed over to La Jolla and had a seasidey kind of late morning. This is La Jolla cove and has a lot of birds – S said they were having a Bird-vention – and sealions!

We were meeting D and her partner for lunch and we had some time so we wandered around a little bit and then we went down a cave. Oh my goodness! I’m a little bit claustrophobic and this was a narrow tunnel heading straight down with a steep, sometimes wet and slippery, staircase. We went down with a few other people and I concentrated on NOT FREAKING OUT! The view was worth it though.

And a spider web on the hand rail

We headed back up again and thank goodness is was shorter on the way up. Took me a while to recover though and OMG my legs still hurt a day later! We had a lovely walk around the cove before lunch.

More birds and sea lions!

We then headed back to the restaurant to meet D and V for lunch. We ate at the Brockton Villa and I had the famous Coast Toast because D had been raving about it the day before. It was very decadent french toast. The others had some very delicious looking meals. We again had great conversation and a lot of laughing. Brockton’s is a very old building, originally a house built overlooking the gorgeous coastline. It was very restful and relaxing and a lot of fun.

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