October 30   Friday at World Fantasy

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Luckily for me I am not busy enough to have breakfast meetings. I’m slow moving in the mornings at this con and today I am feeling worse for wear. I don’t know why – I feel like I have a hangover but I haven’t touched a drop.

Yesterday was the first day of the con proper, I guess. Jonathan and I had prearranged to do an episode of Live and Sassy with Alan Beatts. Alan owns Borderlands Books and recently published a very interesting piece about Amazon – check it out at his newsletter. We knew this kind of discussion was precisely the thing for our podcast and Alan kindly agreed to come on the show. I was half asleep for the 11am recording and felt nowhere near smart enough for the conversation. But Alan has so much to say that is so interesting and needs much time to process. I think Jonathan will be uploading the episode before we leave San Diego.

After talking about Amazon and ebooks for about an hour, clearly a turn of the Dealer’s Room was warranted. Jonathan and I headed down there where we met up with Sean and Ellen Klages and we went through some of the secondhand and collectors’ tables. I’m looking to acquire some very specific books and the others helped me sort through to find some. I bought 4 books, not all of them old paperbacks, alas. I picked up the hardcopy of Steampunk! cause it’s so pretty but it’s also heavy.

I joined Deb and Jonathan on their lunch. And then we sat outside for a while with a few people. Jonathan had a thing to go to and I was going to go back to my room to rest but Sean invited me to come along on his chocolate showdown with Catherine Modesitt.

Seriously, who can honestly turn down the offer to try chocolates as they pitted Australia versus the USA in a chocolate faceoff? It was awesome fun though so so good and I hit my chocolate limit after only a few pieces.

I did head back to my room before meeting Jonathan for a dinner with Peter Beagle and his publicist. Peter regaled us with many interesting stories before everyone headed off to the mass signing. The Aussies set up camp here:

Behind that wall was the massive line for waiting to get Neil Gaiman to sign. It was deeply impressively organised. That’s a postcard for Deb’s book that is about to come out from Twelfth Planet Press.


That’s Neil sitting there and the production line to the right. People were allowed in the room six at a time and you can just see Colleen’s head as she handled all the material to be signed and handed it to him in smooth progression, one after the other for three hours straight.

We meanwhile sat and watched the world pass by.


And then we headed off to the Tor party but didn’t stay long. I was on the hunt for cake and Ellen and Jonathan were wanting to play pool And cause this America, I was able to get cheesecake at the bar with the pool table. And we were all happy. The end.


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