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Actually, I’m starting to feel like a real slob – really I’m a neat person!!! – as I take these photos one by one around my house. I mean, I’m not going to be showing you the neat bits and I’m worried you’ll get the wrong idea about me!

Still … we did a lot of unfucking today. Sadly we got held up by discovering a few things at the back of the cupboards. So the only before and after shots I have from today are the ones below. The rest is in a state of progress, to be finished tomorrow before my parents drop by!

We did though start putting our engagement presents away – I’ve been feeling bad about doing that til we finish writing all our thank you cards. C has a different take on that. But either way, it was definitely getting in the way and we need space for people to sit down. So we went through them and I reread all the cards and took things out of boxes.

The top of the fridge was mostly a man and puppy zone:

Now it’s turned into a great place for the beautiful cookbooks we got as presents!

I’m not allowed to throw anything out tomorrow as our bin is full again after being emptied on Friday. Still so much more to do!

We worked on the 20/10 – 20 minutes unfucking, 10 minutes break and I managed to get through some unpleasant/less fun sewing things and watched the whole season of Episodes – which I kinda liked, not awesome but a fun look at making a TV show from the side of English writers in Hollywood. I also started Fresh Meat – a UK drama about freshers who move into a uni share house. I quite like it.

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