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Well hello there Friday night, you sexy thing!

I have dragged myself through this week. I was going to post at the end of last week to mark the first week that C had gone back to sea. Things went great and I was feeling quite positive about it. We prepped the food that I needed for the week on the Sunday before and by and large that worked out pretty well. And I had a lot of work on during the week and things were ok. Before I knew it, it was the weekend again. And C was back. And we hung out a bit and prepped all my food for this week just gone and then he was off again.

This week, things were not so awesome. I never really had caught up on my sleep last week and this week it just kind of compounded and every day I felt like I was dragging myself more and harder out of bed to stand in the cold at 7am to catch the bus. This morning I only made it out at 7.20. I was sick off work Monday – managed to get to the bus stop and then realised I felt revolting. Caught the bus to the train station and felt worse and then had to catch the school bus back home. I spent the day catching up on Last Short Story reading and cable and stuff but was back into the work by Monday night. And I worked pretty solidly the evenings after work so that by Thursday I was going through the life motions.

But Wednesday I caught up with some friends for lunch and we discussed all sorts of things one of which resulted in the suggestion that I might be low in iron. I can’t believe that was not something that was on the top of my list to check out – vegetarian, Crohn’s, on a diet, feeling really really exhausted. Yeah, probably not just the burn out then. I had a really good long chat with a pharmacist in the city and got some strong supplements and also booked myself in to see the doctor. I’ve been taking the supplements which have meant I’m more sleepy at night but as though my body is giving in and letting go to sleep so now I need to sleep like 100 hours to catch up. Meaning I feel worse.

And so now I’m soooooo behind on work. I’m facing a weekend of serious workathon catchup. Hopefully I can climb partway out of the hole.

We recorded a new episode of Galactic Suburbia last night. And I had a really great time on an old crafting project I’ve let lie fallow for some time. Suddenly a friend was telling me about her hexagon quilt project and I got inspired to work on the ton of black hexagons I need to do before I can proceed with finishing it off. Photos maybe later.

Hope thing are going well with you.

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