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I’ve been remembering some important things that I already learned the hard way a while ago.

1. Reading. For Fun. It’s a thing. I forgot.

The other night I decided to pull something non sf from my to read bookshelf for light reading. I have one or two books sprinkled in there that are related to other interests. That I have. I climbed into bed with said book, read a bit of it and went to sleep. And then I was actually excited to make a little bit of time before bed by going to bed the next night a bit early to read a bit more. And again the night after that. And oh yeah, reading for fun, is fun. I totally forgot. Maybe, and I know this is going out there a bit, but stick with me, maybe I could buy more books that are not “work” related and maybe I’d rediscover my joy of reading. Just a thought.

2. My mantra, that I worked on some time ago – is not “oh no I got nothing done tonight” but rather to ask myself “did I make progress today” and as long as the answer is “yes”, then I’m good. I don’t know where along the way I accidentally dropped that one but I did. And now that I found it and picked it up again, the daily emails from I Done This make so much more sense – oh that’s what they were for again!

3. In this world, there will always be people who don’t like you. Just like there are people in this world who you do not like.  That’s ok. That’s life. That’s actually an important part of life. It’s far more important to “Know before whom you stand”.

4. I need to work on taking down time. And the way I used to do this was with craft. I’ve left a lot of my craft work languish and whilst there is much work to be done, it’s also important to take time out to meditate and let creativity sneak in. I’m going to work harder on making time to work on craft projects as this forces me to put down the work sometimes and just take a break.

5. I feel better when I progress a little bit of a lot of things rather than focussing on taking one thing through to the end of the task. I prefer to step back and see lots of things getting done, even if its more slowly, than if I finish just one thing – I will say “I only got one thing done” even if it was a really really big thing.

6. I also have a tendency to work hard on a project, take it past the 85% completed point and walk away. I have a fear of failure or a fear of success, I haven’t quite worked that one out. But it seems it’s much easier to say something didn’t work out because I chose not to finish it or I ran out of time or  I just didn’t do X, Y or Z. I do this with all kinds of things, big and small. And it’s kinda bullshit. I’m working on picking things back up to finish them all the way to the end and on finding ways to not walk away when I’m almost at the finishing line.

7. Just F’ing Do It and/or Just Ask for Help. OMG I am the worst for emailing or phoning up to ask a question or ask for help on something. Or progressing anything that involves telling or talking to someone else about it. It turns out, it does not hurt to ask and in fact people are waiting to be asked for their help. It’s *faster* and it gets shit done.

8. I have a fear of the end of things (see point 6) – like I have a genuine fear that if I used up all my yarn stash … what? What would happen if there was no more stash? Or if I completed everything on the to do list(s). What then? I need to actively remind myself that I can BUY MORE YARN if I use up the stash and GUILT FREE and also that there will always be more to add to the to do list. But honestly, sometimes I deliberately do not do things yet cause then I’d cross them off and … um … yeah. Point me to point 7.

9. I have finally realised there is no finite list of wedding tasks. I’ve come to a zen point with this and am now able to just do things. Today I booked our wedding night accommodation and I actually started the spreadsheet for scheduling of the day. This week we meet with the flowers lady and we’ve sort of finalised our wedding band designs.

10. There is no 10.



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  • By Alex on 10 July 2012 at 1:53 pm

    One thing I have been struggling to live recently is the idea that my life is, like, my life. And meeting commitments etc is important and I’m going to strive for that, but things I’m not committed to do for anyone else but me? It’s ok if they take a bit longer or go in different directions or… whatever.

    Also, history. I love reading history. And I always forget that, and then I happen to read some, and omg I love reading history. So, we should do that sort of thing more.

    I’m glad there was no 10.

  • By AlisaK on 10 July 2012 at 6:59 pm

    It’s funny how easily you can get distracted by other people’s priorities. I totally get the forgotten what you love to do!

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