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Oh yes, look, I do still remember the password to this account. It’s been so long I might have even forgotten how to do this!

No, really. I had grand ideas of posting along the road this year with everything going on, planning our wedding and so on. But this year is completely out of control. 2/3rds of it is already gone and it’s done that in the blink of an eye. I have my speech to deliver next Sunday and I’d be wracked with nerves and terror about it but I kinda also know it will be gone before I know it. Which means also that my wedding is going to be here before I know it too. I’ve surrendered to the speed at which this year is travelling. What’s 15 minutes of public speaking in that?

So can I even just summarise it in one post? Considering I don’t know when I’ll drop back past? I miss blogging and I don’t know that I ever really imagined a time when I would be too busy to even think about in a week. Anyway, here is a pic of the cardigan I cast on at the beginning of the London Olympics. I got a reasonable way through, for me, and am continuing on with it as I nostalgically recall my 2 weeks of 8 channels of Olympics sport. This is the yoke of the cardigan and it’s the first time I’ve used short rows. I’m interested to see how it goes. I’m a bit pleased that I’m actually doing some of the things from the knitting bucket book I bought a few months back – finally knitting my first adult size jumper and trying some new techniques and stitch patterns. Feels both relaxing (it’s not though, I had to rip out the first few rows several times to get it right) and productive with the ticking off of lists!

And as far as ticking things off goes, I’ve got one more week left on Round 2 of the 12 Week Body Transformation. This round was really really hard. I sat at the same weight for a good 11 weeks and have only just broken through the plateau. I’m set to lose maybe 3 kilos out of the whole round which would put me at a total weight loss of 13 kgs all up. I’m signed up for Round 3 and am hoping that it will lead me to my goal weight.

I found Round 2 really really hard due to not having that much spare time to put into things like cooking and exercising. It didn’t mean that I didn’t work on things – I worked on my head stuff a lot and ended up making a lot of transformations that were cerebral, emotional and lifestyle related. I’ve been applying the “Just Fricking Do It” philosophy to things in my life which has meant that a lot more of my house has gotten sorted and tided and organised. I’m aiming to have it all completed before 2013 so when we come home from our honeymoon, we come to a set up home that’s a happy and relaxing place to be.

I’ve also finally attacked my TPP finance accounting system. Long time readers will know this story well. But this time is The Time. I have to have books that have been audited for applying for arts grants by March and that was never going to be a small undertaking. But yeah sure it’s time intensive and requires lots of thinky thinking, but the truth is the thing that was putting me off was actually having final bottom line numbers that are unavoidable. But you know, thing is, I put my big girl publisher pants on and am doing it like a business woman. There are lots of really hard problems to solve and lots of unanswerable questions – some things just can not be answered 5 years after they happened. And so you know, big girl publisher pants wearing people Make Decisions and move on and don’t look back quivering with indecision. (Its quote nice really)

And here’s a horrible confession, I had not filed any paperwork or receipts since the last time I tried to sort the finances because it was all too scary and all needed sorted through and organised and then filed away when accounted for etc. So I dunno? Maybe 3 years of unfiled mess. I moved house with it. That was some of the unpacking required. And you know, that was scary to face. So this has all been being gotten under control. As more accounting gets done, more paperwork gets filed away and organised. And the house looks tidier. And as I collate the information, other ways to use it have come up so I’ve been working on things like forward planning budgets, publicity plans and projects in development stuff. It’s amazing what progress can be made when you take control and feel the fear but do it anyway.

So these are just a couple of examples of what I’ve been up to. I used to  write a lot to work through stuff in my head. At the moment it seems that doing it – action – is what is helping. So I’m working through things though doing. And I’m interested to see how much of this will stick – how much is real change and how much is transition til I fall back to old habits – both lifestye and thought patterns.

Things are full steam ahead with the wedding planning. I’ve got lots of things lined up for the next couple of weeks – finalising the bridesmaid dresses, doing hair and makeup trials. Last night we met with our celebrant and started talking over what the ceremony itself will be. We have started working through the paperwork for the license because … C is off to sea this weekend. And this takes us into the final phase of life before married life. It’s a bit scary (the being close to the wedding bit). So that leaves the rest of the things for me to work out and finalise. Ahem. Including the bridal registry. DO you think a raspberry kitcheaid would get old?

On the publishing front, Cracklescape by Margo Lanagan has been getting some really lovely reviews.

Brit Mandelo reviewed it over on

Cracklescape is like a box of gourmet chocolates: four unique, rich bites. This is the natural intent of the “Twelve Planets” series of collections, of course—

Lanagan’s other-world fantastic stories are great, but the understated and graceful force of these four pieces, put into concert, demonstrates her equal gift for bringing to life real people in the real world—only, a touch sideways, a touch out of kilter, encountering things that they cannot explain

Paul Weimer reviewed it today at SF Signal:

If you are interested in the region of the field where genre blends into contemporary fiction, or simply want some very beautiful, well crafted and shining writing, the work of Margo Lanagan in Cracklescape is definitely something worth your time and attention.

And in our latest episode of Galactic Suburbia – Episode 66 – we talk about all this Sporty Space

In which we suffer post-Olympics slump but make up for it by talking about sport in SF/F: from coyote baseball, holodeck racquetball and the points system of Quidditch to the history of sport in Doctor Who. And don’t forget that Buffy was a cheerleader!

It’s no surprise I feel like I am in a constant whirlwind and have no time to sit still. Or that I am tired most of the time. I am though finding that the busier you are, the less time you have to muck around. I am kicking August’s To Do List’s Arse. I am very much looking forward to marrying C and to swanning about in Paris for two weeks afterwards and do NO WORK AT ALL. I’m planning to take at least a month off TPP around then. Course that means I have to get ahead of the game now which … explains all of the above.

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