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So I’m starting to see that the “surprise” in the Baby Surprise Jacket comes from the how-does-this-become-a-jacket element of it. The instructions say to not try and figure it out, just knit with faith. This is the “jacket” almost completed knitted:

Stay tuned.

Today I slept in for the first time in 2 weeks. Oh sweet sweet joy. I did head out and run my errands. This included doing the foodshop for next week, week 1 of the Round 3 of the 12 Week program. And grabbing a takeaway coffee from the new little cake shop that has opened in our local little centre. And then I made the very fancy omelette that is the program breakfast for today.

It seems that if my kitchen is neat and clean, I’m more likely to cook. And if I have a plan on what is going to be cooked, I’m more likely to cook it and not snack on something unhealthy in the meantime. And if things are neat and clean, I’m more likely to further spread the neat and clean-ness but tidying elsewhere. And if I’m doing things that are on my to do list – including my cooking and cleaning chores – I feel happier and am more likely to continue. These are things I knew about myself yet find it hard to short circuit out of bad routines.

So I mad the roasted pumpkin, leek and garlic soup that is several meals for this week coming. It’s so delicious, I had one of the serves for dinner. And if I feel energetic, I might make the spag bol for next week in advance tomorrow. I also did laundry. How boring.

Whilst working today, I caught up on Boss – Kelsey Grammer as Mayor of Chicago. It’s intense and politics and scheming and so on and it reminds of shows like Sopranos meets The Wire meets – I don’t want to say The West Wing here because everyone seems nasty and corrupt and TWW was so much more idealistic than that.

I’ve been prepping for my speech tomorrow night and that’s all getting a bit exciting. I’ll report more on that after the event :)

Other than that, I sadly have very little to report.

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