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And I am too tired to blog. It’s quite unlike me to go to bed so early but that is what I think I shall be doing once I hit publish. I got to bed late last night and it hurt a lot getting into work this morning. Added to that, it’s Day 1 of Week 1 of Round 3 of the 12 WBT and I had let myself off the exercise hook the last two weeks on the agreement that come today,  I was back on the horse. Today being the day after yesterday (did that honestly already happen? Wow). So I got home, a bit later than usual as I had to work later, and I did the fitness test to start off the program – this included running 1 km. And then I did the day’s workout session. I’m going to actually do the running program to the end, this time. So I did the first session of that. And ran another 2km. Plus some circuits. And then I cooked dinner – lentil spag bol. I tested the dishwasher – no go, it looks dead. And washed yet more towels from that incident.

So yes, I see why I am now tired. Though that doesn’t help with the the things needing to get done. But today, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I had more photos to post as well might but that might have to wait til tomorrow.

One of the preseason tasks of the 12wbt is to Say it Out loud. And here is really as good a place as any to do that. In fact, what I intend to do is hold myself accountable by noting in these posts that I have completed the tasks for the day. Because it’s all very well to day I am a woman of my word but who watches the watchers? So my goal this round is to get to goal weight (which I don’t exactly know the number of cause it’s supposed to be based on BMI but that number, for my height, looks a bit low for what I think I should be). That said, I’m aiming for 1 kg a week now til I hit it. And then maintain that for the remainder of the round. And my other goal is actually to complete the running program and run 5km very comfortably. And enjoyably.

I’ve been thinking a lot tonight about how far I’ve come and yet to go on this program. I’m entering my 8th month on it and kinda hoping some of the stuff should have stuck already! Here are some things that I do think I’ve changed:

  1. I like salad greens and I look for them to add to almost any meal and find the meal bereft if we’re out of rocket.
  2. preparation really is key and I’ve learned this for being able to stay on the program but also for other things I do in life, especially if I am worried about how they will go on the day. I now look for red flags both for sticking to the program but also for just in life, if you can see things that you know you will struggle with coming, why not get a plan of action for how you’re gonna go around it? It actually makes life less stressful
  3. I’ve learned to accept core truths about who I am that will not change. I am not a morning person. I cannot do much in the morning on the way out the door to work. I need to pack my breakfast and lunch the night before or else it will not happen. These are already there and packaged ready to grab for tomorrow. See the point above.
  4. I don’t actually go for seconds anymore. When we cook at home, the meals are portioned out, and the extras are put straight into freezer containers and put in the freezer. My freezer is full right now of meals ready to be grabbed. See point above.
  5. I’ve by and large learned to head off my grazing patterns when I walk in the door in the evening by making dinner – yes it takes longer than browsing the pantry but in the long run, I will be more satisfied.
  6. there is no escaping the consequences of pizza.
  7. my eyelashes got thicker and I have new hair on my head that’s been growing in. This one is really sobering for me cause it says a lot about previous nutrition.
  8. I feel more powerful when I am exercising regularly
  9. I remembered how much I love to dance

I might not be at the end point yet but I’m getting there.


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