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Late last week – Thursday night in fact – I found out that C would be home at the weekend. Actually, he told me just as I was leaving the hospital, having been visiting my sister and not-yet-one-day-old new niece! My new niece is teeny tiny – 00000s onesies being too big. That (swimming in a 00000 onesie), by the way, is The Cutest thing in the entire world. As is she! Anyway, in and amongst all this excitement, C had finally managed to pass all the paperwork obstacles to get his leave able to be taken at home. Hurrah!

And so after mad scrambling to shuffle round my weekend plans, I managed to pick him up from the airport last night at 5pm. I *wanted* to do the whole Love Actually scene of run and leap at him but alas, I was delayed due to over-chattering at a previous engagement.

It’s been utterly lovely having him home. It’s like he’s never been away, I can hardly believe it’s been 5 weeks. And that’s going to make it even harder when he leaves next week. Then it will be the long haul til December. :( But on the bright side, in the day he’s been home, he’s shown me how to play my iphone through the car speakers (I so thought you could do that! Don’t ask how I have been listening to podcasts), fixed the kitchen tap, cooked me dinner and taken handover on a bunch of wedding tasks on my to do list. It’s good to have him home. And the puppy is slowly warming back up to the idea, after some caution and hesitation.

Today we had bake club. Several members tested the trifle entries to the competition for recipes for inclusion in A Trifle Dead for which I am very grateful. And photos were also taken! I’m still digesting all the food from bake club but it was a lot of fun!

And finally, yesterday I managed to go check my PO Box and was rewarded with many many shiny things. My package came from the very lovely Julia who was our designated acceptor should we win the Hugo. And so she sent us our Hugo pins (I HAVE A HUGO PIN!) and various other Hugo nominee paraphernalia. I may not have been able to attend the Hugo Losers party but I’m so excited that I got my own invitation!!! So freaking cool! She also sent the program and a con book and some other things and going through each one, I felt a little bit like I was there.

The other thing that arrived was a whole lotta fabric. I had been promising myself for about 2 months or more that if I could achieve zero inbox, I could get what ever fabric I wanted. And whilst I was not that progressive towards the goal, I did keep opening tabs of fabric bundles I loved, in anticipation. And eventually, through the GTD process, I did get zero inbox and got to order a bunch of stuff. And it all arrived in one giant go! OOh so exciting! I feel slightly guilty in that I think each fat quarter bundle I buy is its own new guilt so I keep adding future quilt projects to the pile and I’m not exactly whipping through the finishing off of the ones I’ve started. Still, new fabric always starts my creative juices flowing and I decided to play around with the new fabrics, cause that’s the fun bit after all, and design a new quilt. I’ve also been ordering all kinds of quilt books which have been arriving so I pulled them out to get ideas. (I also of course a) felt bad for ordering all this stuff whilst I have been knitting and have not actually sewn anything since probably January this year and then b) felt bad that pulling out the quilting stuff probably means an end to the knitting for a spell, again. I never seem to get the cyclical nature of my crafting).

Anyway. Not much in the way of work happened this weekend. I started my weekly review ala GTD but didn’t finish it. I’m not sure how much work will happen this week either. But I’m not going to feel bad about it since I already know how horrible it is when C is not here and that he will not be here again soon enough.

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  • By Ju on 25 September 2012 at 10:41 am

    YAY for Chris being home!!

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