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Today I farewelled Amelia – the really serious, definitely goodbye goodbye. She hops on a plane tomorrow. It was very sad but she left me the kind of gift you get from a really good friend who believes in you – a kick up the bum. I kinda really needed it too. And to prove that it worked, I went from thinking I’d end up having wasted the day, with tooling around on a new quilting project and rearranging C’s books in his bookcase (I stare at them on the treadmill and their all over the placeness bothers me) to after I said goodbye coming home and making two soups and a risotto dinner, packaging up 13 meals for the coming week, doing all the dishes in the kitchen, two loads of laundry and getting myself a little bit better placed for the week. I’m a bit more energised to get back to all the various projects I’m working on. And hopefully I’ll make serious ground this week on them.

Last week was a bit of a disaster for the 12wbt programme. I put on some weight when C was home. He knows all my food weaknesses and he likes to spoil me. And I spoiled him with pizza night etc. And then I didn’t really feel like cooking after he left. I managed to get back to the running programme this weekend, pulled out the treadmill a couple of times. Since I have to decide what I’m doing with the rental of it at the end of this month, I figure I’d like to see if I can get into a nice routine with it or not. And now that I have a few meals all portioned out in the freezer, it should be much better this week. I’ve gotten to the point now where I can really feel in my body if I’ve eaten less optimally. I miss the greens if I don’t get them and I can feel the tiredness, the lethargy and the bleurgness if I have too much processed foods. I’m really happy about that as it kicks me back to really fresh, clean foods again. And I have to say, I’m surprised by how much energy and how strong I feel on eating such pathetic looking things as leaves! I do like being in control of what is in the food I eat but the whole thing really only works if I’m super organise and preplanned and aware of how I am – if I can’t grab it on the way out the door in the morning, it won’t happen. And I don’t really want to cook dinner every night of the week fresh. So I’m learning how to cook up and freeze and it works.

Time for Monday again. Already. This week I’m looking forward to attending my uncle’s book launch and in finalising (please!) the details of the catering etc with the reception venue. That’d be a nice big thing to tick off the to do list.

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