October 8   New Quilt Project

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I could tell you about all the things I meant to do today and will be having a mad dash to tick off after I post this. I could tell you about the lovely pop in I did at lunch to Stefen’s Books – hey Grill’d has moved in to that end of Shafto Lane and my it’s suddenly a pumping spot! – I bought The Casual Vacancy. And I’m going to have to finish it before I head off to Canada as it’s not a pocket book.

Instead though, I’ll show you the quilting project that’s been absorbing my attention in the last week or so.

I’ve not quite decided the placement of the log cabins, I’m still playing around with them. I fell in love with this fabric line called “Nightshade” which you can see as the centre cameo. And then over at the Fat Quarters Shop they have a thing where bloggers team up different fabric lines with plains and other fabrics and so that’s how there are those old men’s smoking lounge fabrics here. I kinda thought it worked more in the online photo than when they arrived and I’ve been playing around with them to make them work. The first thing I did when I couldn’t get it to work was take it to my mother who unfortunately also agreed with me that they didn’t work so we came up with the idea of splitting them into smaller pieces.. I actually fell in love with this series in the purple version and with the pirate female cameo. So that is the next one after this one. And I’m hoping to make a series of three faces to hang as a wall hanging series.

What I like the most is – it’s quick to sew! When you hand piece, you get used to projects taking a really long time. When my mother suggested just the face and 8 or 12 log cabins as a finished work I thought, “Am I *allowed* to do that?” Which is so me – always with the big extravagant, * complicated* projects that are hard to stay focussed and committed to. So the challenges here are to:

1. use the fabric almost as soon as it arrived and not have it be absorbed into the stash aka fabric collection

2. complete the project quickly for instant enjoyment feedback

3. make the fabric combinations *work* (I didn’t get as many faces to work with as I had hoped because of how my yards were cut)

And I’m enjoying playing round with log cabins. Bit of a step away from the 3D stars :)

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