October 21   What a day!

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Oh my goodness what a day. We (the puppy and I) slept in nice and late this morning and then I finally made myself breakfast buttermilk pancakes! Yay. My coffee though is terrible. I really should toss out all the stuff in my freezer for being too old and stale and not replace it since I’m thinking of giving up coffee whilst in North America. Why be disappointed constantly rather than just enjoy some other beverage. Bleurgh.

Anyway. I managed to work a good long day and tackle the email mountain – it’s not at zero but a respectable 35 from 115 and I’ll pay that. Got a few behind the scenes stuff done and started working through short stories I’m judging. I also started packing for World Fantasy con and drove to Terri’s to pick up suitcases for schlepping of stock.

And then there was this exciting announcement:


Twelfth Planet Press announces acquisition of the science fiction novel Trucksong by Melbourne writer Andrew Macrae.

In a post-apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated by free-wheeling cyborgs, a young man goes in search of his lost lover who has been kidnapped by a rogue AI truck – the Brumby King.

Along the way, he teams with Sinnerman, an independent truck with its own reasons for hating the Brumby King.

Before his final confrontation with the brumbies, he must learn more about the broken-down world and his own place in it, and face his worst fears.

This genre-bending work of literary biopunk mixes the mad fun of Mad Max II with the idiosyncratic testimony of works like Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang or Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting.

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Pretty good day all up.

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