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So we did the second leg to Canada. It was longer than the first. A good chunk in, I felt like we had always been on that plane. But. We had wifi, which made ALL the difference. Jonathan did some expert wangling and we had what might have been the only spare seat on the plane between us. And we were in a side section next to the crew sleeping quarters (on an A380) so the only people who annoyed me were the family behind me. We got fed lots. I got a lot of work done. I watched Season 4 of Nurse Jackie, Season 2 of Episodes and a couple of eps of Veep. In all, not bad. The food was good – oriental vegetarian is recommended.

The hotel is a looooong way out of Toronto. The cab ride in peak hour to the hotel was possibly the longest leg of the trip. And I kinda regretted opting for the cheaper hotel (well, by the time I went to upgrade, all the rooms in the other hotel were booked). Still, I spose I can feel good about saving some money and there is still Wifi. And a Starbucks in the lobby. The food in the hotel is not too bad.

After a pretty good night’s sleep – and my back is starting to feel better – I dragged myself out of bed at 7am for fear Jonathan would think me lazy (I’m pretty sure he did). After breakfast, we navigated our way into the city – a 20 min cab ride to the first stop of the subway and then another good long ride on the subway into the city. We kinda wandered around (I took one for the team and had my first salted caramel mocha in case there was free wifi. There wasn’t) and just got a feel for the place. In the rain. Cited the CN tower. And somehow managed to get ourselves to Lettuce Knits which was a pilgrimage I really really wanted to do whilst here. I’m glad to have ticked it off my list so early! It’s in a very funky little part of town called Kensington Markets and looks like it would be a lot of fun in warmer and drier weather. Then we met up with Peter Watts for lunch and had a fascinating and meandering conversation. We headed back to the hotel eventually and in time for dinner with Garth. And then the bar where I dare say the con has started to kick off.

It’s a very odd thing but I am making some rather large life changing decisions whilst running full speed on other things. A bit like whilst getting a little stressed about leaving and not quite realising it is finally WFC time, I was addressing wedding invites hours before leaving for the airport. Doing too big deal things in tandem actually really helps – you can’t quite figure out which to freak out on so you concentrate on neither.

Tomorrow – more food, more friends, more good conversation. And a different essay I have to write and get done to another but different deadline.

(there are photos but they aren’t uploading fast enough for this post)



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