November 15   The Return of Date Night!

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As I was returning to my everyday life after the whirlwind WFC trip to Canada, I got news that C’s program had changed and that he was heading home much much sooner than planned. In fact, a whole month early. And I went to pick him up from the base on Sunday.

That didn’t go quite as planned. C told me that I my name was on the list for permission to head onto the island and that he was arrived at 2pm. So I headed over at 1.30pm so that I could be standing on the wharf and watch the ship come in. Except, when I got to the security checkpoint, I was not on the list. Nope. Not. There. And the only way to get entry was to get someone to call from the ship. I hung around DM Tweeting C and also calling and messaging his phone but I knew there wasn’t much point by the time it was 1.45pm as he would have been on deck in formation for arrival. So I went back to my car and tried to cry in a way that the security guard wouldn’t see. And cars and cars of families and significant others drove past and through. They were on the list. And maybe I cried a bit more. And then at about 1.55pm, I think, the guard came out and said that a Petty Officer on the ship had sponsored me to come on base. Just like that. I don’t even know how he knew that there were people who should have been on the list but weren’t (there were more than just me, apparently) or how he managed to contact them. But suddenly I was through!

And then it was quite a drive to the wharf, and I didn’t really know the way, and by the time I parked and headed to the right wharf, the ship was in and they were setting up the gangplank. And then there was C waving at me and smiling and I thought, “phew, I made it!” And the officers came off first and there he was. In living colour.

And now he is home! For like, a while. For various reasons. And …  after having gotten used to living by myself, and creating my own routine and ways to cope and get everything done, suddenly I have my partner back. It’s an adjustment. It really is. It’s weird. I’d been handling myself to cope with the whole lead up to the wedding by myself. And now I don’t have to. I’d been saying it was all fine and I was ok, because with a month left to go, you can’t lose it. But Friday night, I watched my (now routine) rom com and I cried over how lonely I was and how much I missed C. Because I knew he was coming home on Sunday :)

It’s weird getting used to having someone else to share the chores with again. And also, you settle into things being the way you want them to, with no need to have to compromise with anyone else. And then suddenly someone else is around who has *opinions* and *possessions*. And now … just like that, he’s here for the foreseeable future, like that whole living apart thing was just a dream.

Really weird.

But really really awesome.


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