November 23   Just write already!

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You know, the reason I started a blog in the very first place was to make sure that I wrote *something* every day.

I really want to capture my thoughts and feelings as I enter this last month before I am a married woman. And yet, I can never get myself to sit down and think these things through to write a post or I feel like I don’t even know where I would start. And mostly, I actually just don’t seem to have any spare time these days.

But I am gearing up to make my new years resolutions list early this year. I kinda do have some goals I’d like to set myself for 2013 but I also am interested to see how I use the Getting Things Done framework to … get these things done.

Today is Black Friday in the US and it seems to have hit my pocket! So I am off the internet now to avoid any more tempting emailed newsletters!

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