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We arrived home this afternoon from our gorgeous honeymoon. We were so sad to leave Paris and it seems so odd to have just been there, scoffing croissants and sipping hot chocolate yesterday, and today, it’s back to real life. We still have a few bits of our wedding to hang on to for the next couple of days but come Monday, it’s back to the grind.

We had a bit of a horror final flight home. But flying from Paris to Singapore, I watched three fantastic movies and finished off Season 6 of The Closer. The movies I thoroughly enjoyed:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 5 stars! – intensely heartbreaking indie film about, and yet celebrating, the pain that is high school, and being different. Loved it. (And yes, those who heard C’s wedding vows, I cried)

Pitch Perfect – 4 stars! – OMG. Accawesome! This film is funny and brilliant and reminded me that I need to watch more dance, singing and 80s movies this year. I LOVE Rebel Wilson. She is choosing some really brilliant roles for herself. She does tend to play the same role, but I love it. In Pitch Perfect, she was funny without her being fat being the joke. And she’s just outstandingly confident and self assured and brilliant. And sometimes her confidence is situationally over the top but not always. LOVE her. (Also, oddly quite loving Anna Kendrick even when I didn’t really love her in Step Up 4).

Paris Manhattan – 3.5 stars – French film debut by Sophie Lellouche – Alice is obsessed with Woody Allen. Her Parisian Jewish family are odd, or perhaps not really. She is 30 and single and not wanting to be. But she’s complex and difficult. Set in the 4th Quarter of Paris, I loved the backdrop for its familiarity. And it had a happy ending.

What I noticed though, including with The Closer, is lately I have been choosing and enjoying TV and Film with female characters as leads, who are interesting and complex and are romantically with men who genuinely love them for who they are and are interested in what it is that they are doing, actively support and encourage it. That’s kind of a really nice trend.


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  • By Ju on 13 January 2013 at 11:09 pm

    I loved loved loved ‘Pitch Perfect’ and Rebel Wilson was *awesomely* funny (and I find this exceptional because there is so much that is meant to be comic that I just don’t find funny — and therein lies my fear that I have no sense of humour…) And yes, in particular, I loved that she was funny without it being about her being fat or about that at all most of the time!

    Also, on the subject of ‘Pitch Perfect’ is, I didn’t realise that hearing a female acapella singing group sing ‘No Diggity’ would add a level of completeness to my experience of life, but somehow, this is true – I found it intensely subversive in the listening, I might be alone in this.

    I recently did a ‘Step Up’ marathon, and confirmed my thinking that, unlike most movie franchises, this is one that seems to keep improving and getting better – not necessarily plot wise, but the quality of what I’m there to enjoy – amazing dancing, context for it and some break out creativity, and it’s really just kept getting better. Also, Moose is just fantastic as a recurring character. Plus, I love that I can see dancers I’ve loved from SYTYCD having careers in movies dancing in these movies. ‘Step Up 5′ is my favourite yet – however simplistic and trope-ish the storyline is. I acknowledge that, but such incredible dance!

    I’ve been saturating myself in the female voice recently – it hasn’t been deliberate really, quite accidental and I didn’t realise till just now how thorough it has been, movies, television, books… even news and social media. That thing you’re appreciating with female leads and their male partners loving them for who they are and exploring that? I’m right there with you.

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