January 11   Positivity Snippet

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Determined to get back to this blog every day thing (remember when I used to post like 9 times a day? Who was that person?), if I have nothing to say, I’m going to work on Resolution #1 – Focus on the positive. So here goes.

I thought I would have lost weight over the trip – I had a Crohns flare up for about 3 weeks and whilst that’s not the way one wants to lose weight, I thought that that with all the walking we did, maybe just maybe I’d finally break through my barrier. Weigh in says no. Which was sad at first. Funny how we always think we burn way more calories walking than we remotely do. And I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I could whilst away – French food might not be up there on the vegetarian stakes, and it might be very rich, which is not great when Crohnsing, but I love love love the patisseries and the chocolates and the hot chocolate which I drank instead of coffee and the crepes. Sigh. Oh the crepes. So … yes, considering all these things. I did not put weight on whilst gorging in Paris. And I am calling that a win!

While we were away, my Father-in-law (am using it til it stops sounding weird, ok?) popped in to our place when he was in the area to look in on things. In other galaxy and another time, I would have absolutely hated this. But this is not that time or place. He managed to be at our place just as our fridge tripped the fuse and so he was able to save the contents (not much as we had cleaned out before leaving) and put it on an extension cord to another power point. He also totally saved one of my fruit trees in the back, which I’d given up for dead, by soaking it with water when he was there. AND he chatted to our next door neighbour whom I’m ashamed to say I’ve never met, in two years, as I’m shy and not the popping in to introduce myself sort, such that she came over to say congrats to us as we arrived home last night AND offered us a dip in her pool if it gets too hot AND this morning when I put the bin out, I totally wished her good morning. I’m so glad for the icebreaking as it’s a bit scary being all by yourself in a suburb if something happens.(And she’s really nice, as it turns out).

I was worried that we would have this total anticlimactic let down on getting home from our holidays. I’d deliberately tried to head that off by inviting parents and siblings over for brunch tomorrow as the presents get delivered from the bridal registry. So I’m looking forward to that. But I’d forgotten we had our Christmas presents loot stashed at C’s parents while we were gone and we went passed there on the way home from the airport yesterday. So I got to remember how lovely they were – I got Haighs chocolates and tea, lots of tea, and some glass jars which I totally wanted (the other Alisa has homemade nougat and little macaroons on her countertops in them). And one last present we got to unwrap which was … a TEA BOX!

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