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For the last couple of weeks, we’ve noticed the puppy locking himself in the bathroom on purpose. Sometimes, he can do it accidentally if something he wants is wrapped around or under the door and in the process of trying to get it out, the door gets swung shut. But lately we’ve noticed that he’s been deliberately shutting the door on purpose, leaving him he locked in the bathroom.

After some time exchanging puzzled looks, we’ve been investigating what he’s been doing – he knows how to open a door by jumping on it if he’s on the right side of it, and we thought maybe he was doing that by accident on doors that swing in. But thenĀ  I started clearing all the space around the door, making sure there was nothing at all behind it and pushing it completely open. There should be no reason he would want to be behind it or to accidentally swing the door closed.

Which is about the time we realised that he was deliberately closing the door for the reason of closing it – well actually, we think he’s conducting experiments to teach himself how to open the door when it’s fully shut. We’ve caught him swinging the door gently shut and then trying to maneouver it with his mouth to open it. It’s a swing door with a doorknob, not a sliding door so he won’t actually succeed but watching him conduct experiments and checking replication, is really very cute.

We have our very own scientist in the house!


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