January 30   Cafe Review: Waldecks

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photo(71) I’m still disproportionately excited about meeting up with Amanda last week for a study session. We had a really great catch up and then got a couple of decent hours of work in. Maybe not the most productive work session in my life but definitely one of the most productive for me in a while. It saddens me a bit to say that equals to sitting down in one stretch and writing 1000 words for my phd and reading one submission with care. But then, that’s also probably almost all the work I’ve done since then. The bub is pretty good in a cafe, much better than at home where she seems to need a lot more entertaining. She might be a bit more of a socialite than me in that regard!

I figure leaving the house with her is going to be the best bet for me in getting work done over the next little while. So I’m going to keep track of the places that work and those that don’t. What do you look for in a cafe? Any suggestions for places in Perth to get a good cup of coffee AND to work in?

My first suggestion was the Waldecks cafe in Karrinyup, mostly cause it has such a nice setting out on the decking with very cool cane couches and the vista of their plants for sale. We went on that very hot day last week and it did have a light breeze that took the edge off some of the time.


  • Large comfy couches and tables outside and large tables inside to spread out and work on.
  • Pretty setting to stare at whilst thinking.
  • Coffee not bad.
  • Reasonable access for a pram.
  • Lots of space to put babies down (see photo).
  • Free Wifi.


  • Service is not awesome (twice I’ve been there, twice it’s not been good).
  • Coffee is not great.
  • Inside is pretty noisy.
  • Hot on a really hot day.

Even though the pros outnumber the cons, I’m still a bit meh about this cafe. Free wifi and lots of space are pretty appealling. I’d have drunk more cups of coffee if the staff had offered me or if when I asked to order another, I wasn’t sent to the front counter to do so.


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  • By Emma on 31 January 2014 at 6:46 am

    It is a struggle to find good places. Most of the time I head to Dome, just because they often have comfy chairs, plus a little bit of space.
    Over here we are very limited with choices, although a few really good places are cropping up, slowly. However I find that often the good places often do not have roomy seating… They are more designed for a one quick stop coffee.
    From this respect I found that Starbucks was quite good for stopping, sitting and doing some work. However due to lack of outlets, this point is now mute.
    Look forward to more reviews! Happy hunting.

  • By Alisa on 31 January 2014 at 7:07 am

    I agree that the really good places are no good for working – they are either so busy with traffic or like my very favouritest place in the city, it’s standing only (Standing Room Only is the name of it too!!)

    So, sounds like I have to compromise on the coffee aspect.
    Starbucks really was good for being able to sit for long periods of time and noone hassling you to move on.

    More reviews to come!!

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