February 25   Olympic Knitting

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The Olympics are over for another 4/2 years and I must confess to having watched a lot more of it than I thought I would. I was working on an arts grant during the first week of them and pulled a good few late nights (working til 2am and then getting up for the baby’s next feed, that is *awesome* I must say, but it showed me that I *can* get clear, lucid and creative thought when I need to, phew!)

This was the first Olympics that I was home and about enough to actually participate in what used to be called the Knitting Olympics and is now called the Ravellenics. I didn’t sign up for anything official though. I just challenged myself to knit to finish as much as I could in the set time. Since I hadn’t been knitting at all, anything would be an achievement. But I hoped to start and finish a pair of socks, which would be my first pair knit in my knitting challenge for the year. I cast on during the opening ceremony, knit far into the night before going to bed and waking up in the morning to hate the pattern I’d picked. And so it goes! I had to unpick and start over! I also tried knitting two socks together for the first time.

And so, how did I do? Behold the knitting I completed over the fortnight:

That would be: 1 hotwater bottle cover (in my November yarn from KnitCrate, I opted not to go with the boot warmers pattern that they came with), 1 cloche hat (my January yarn from KnitCrate – Zen Yarns Garden – and just needing a button to finish) and a pair of socks in Watermelon by Claudia Handpainted.

And! I cast on and knit to the heels on these:

Mediumweight Socks That Rock by Blue Moon Fibre Arts in a Mill End. These are socks pair number 2 for 2014 and are a gift …

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