February 14   Episode 0: Introduction

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The Champagne and Socks Podcast is live.

Episode 0: Introduction

In which I introduce myself and the podcast. Champagne and Socks will be a twice-weekly podcast of approx 5 minute episodes about all things craft.

Find more information on my other projects here:

Galactic Suburbia
Twelfth Planet Press

Join my craft circle and send me feedback for Feedback Friday extra episodes:
Email: champagneandsocks@gmail.com
Ravelry: girliejones
Twitter: @champagnesocks or @krasnostein


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  • By Heidi on 19 February 2015 at 4:14 pm

    As I said on Twitter, I love the idea of a virtual craft circle. Totally count me in!

    Also, I was so glad that today my search in the podcast App I use for “champagne and socks” finally showed up with your podcast. It had been taunting me for days.

    I am going to get back to “Currently Creating” posts on Wednesdays (or this week, Thursdays. Or Friday, depending on tonight’s consumption of culture) as my part of the virtual craft circle.

    Yay, Alisa, I love this idea.

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