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Episode 4: Up the Garden Path

No lawn installation but a completed garden path!


A photo posted by Alisa (@girliejonesadventures) on

A photo posted by Alisa (@girliejonesadventures) on


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  • By Alex on 16 March 2015 at 3:06 pm

    Finally catching up!
    We lived in our last house for 11 years. For much of that time I expected we’d be there long term. Now we’ve moved, and somehow this place feels more ours than the last place did. Partly because we co-owned with my in-laws; but it’s not like they actually acted like landlords. I think it’s because we painted here as soon as we moved. We put our stamp on it immediately, and that was like a fresh start in a 90 year old house. It’s thrilling.

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