August 20   Procrastination Monday

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Ah Monday. And we started out with such high hopes and good intent.

Let’s see. I managed to get up and out the house in time to run for the early bus. And still arrive at the train station to catch the same train as usual. It’s uncanny how many different buses I can take between 6.55 and 7.20 and still get the same damn train! I had a good day at work – I finished up the first document I’ve been given lead to coordinate and handed that in this afternoon, as per my target. And we had a meeting with the boss who was happily surprised by how far along we were on main project. I visited my physio who told me I was very tense this week and I think that meant I didn’t have to have any rehab exercise homework assigned. And apart from a slight bus hiccup at the train station home, my work day was delightfully uneventful.

One of my workmates is joining me on the Round 3 12 Week Body Transformation and that’s really helping me to get psyched up about starting that next week. I’m even – and let’s see how this goes before we say it’s a thing – thinking about getting up at 6am and exercising before work each day. My job this week is to start getting myself up earlier and then we’ll see how it goes from there. I have the treadmill in the other room and I could even sleep in my workout gear so it would only be a matter of getting out of bed and walking over *there* to do it. And as much as I deny it and argue with Michelle, leaving exercise to the end of the day means it doesn’t get done or it gets compromised in lieu of any other thing that’s on.

This evening I was supposed to do the rewrite of the speech I’m giving Sunday night (holy crap, don’t wanna). And I also was to start fleshing out the calendar for wedding planning to dos for the rest of this year. Instead, I treated my wicked heartburn with icecream (works) and started this knitting project which I have been procrastinating on for three years.

This is a Baby Surprise Jacket in Blue Moon Fibre Arts Sock Candy. Currently the borage and green apple colourways. And it’s for my new niece who is arriving in 4 weeks. I was talking to my sister today about some wedding plan things and this kickstarted me into Better Hurry Up already! I’m pretty sure though this particular pattern will count for the Knitting bucket list book when I go look to check it off. So that’s an extra tick. I also might have cleared about 20% of the Foxtel IQ queue this evening as well. Ahem.


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