October 4   Lazy Sunday Reading

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By the end of the week I end up with far too many tabs open with articles I’ve half read and want to come back to later. Every now and then, I send myself an email with all the links to clean up my browser. I’m going to start posting them here instead.

What women critics know that men don’t - the gendered politics of critique

Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast about creativity and noone told me!

As book purchasing behaviour changes, so must publishers’ sales metrics

Gender discrimination in SFF Awards – Lady Business

Nicola Griffith on the Lady Business data (post above): Science Fiction prize data from 1953 to the present

Industry response to the closure of Oyster

7 strategies and 94 tools to help indie authors find readers and reviewers

Protocols for producing Indigenous Australian Writing

Author Cornelia Funke launches own publishing company

Diversity quotas are meritocracy in action -“For centuries, there was a quota for the representation of men in politics. It was 100 per cent.” … “the fact is that if you truly believe in meritocracy, you must also believe in diversity – any other position is prejudice of the most insidious sort.”

Diversity panels I’d like to see

Hard to be a god – Ken Macleod on the politics of SF

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? - “In my view, the main reason for the uneven management sex ratio is our inability to discern between confidence and competence.”

4 rituals that will make you happy

This is what it would look like to sit on the surface of Pluto

What’s behind the good news declines in US CO2 emissions?

How to market your book after the new release buzz dies down

To stop procrastinating, start by understanding what’s really going on

Criticism of representation in YA is essential

On gender in literature

Literary luminaries: gender and the avant-garde novelist

There’s scientific consensus on guns – and the NRA won’t like it

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