October 14   What I did today

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Boring list of what I did today, to remind myself I’m moving forwards:

  • popped out to the shops to buy celebratory cake!
  • 4 loads of laundry
  • cleared dining table for weekly review
  • grocery shop (ahem, unpacked the groceries when the Coles man delivered them)
  • started sorting my books in the study bookcases
  • unpacked one more random box of crap
  • sorted through the week’s accumulation of receipts and papers and flotsam
  • finished final copy edits on 2 short stories and sent to the proofers
  • baked banana bread
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • sorted through the box of 1 year of receipts – part of the Getting Things Done backlog
  • made a quiche
  • worked on website and newsletter
  • worked on copyedits for A Trifle Dead

I’m glad I wrote that list because I am getting to the point in the night where I start to get upset that I didn’t get anything done. I bet C does not miss that!

I lost about 2 or 3 weeks to setting up the Getting Things Done stuff – going through stuff at home and deciding what it was and what had to happen to it, setting up a new filing and storage system, assigning things to places in the house, writing proper to do lists. Stuff that I used to be really good at – like 6 or 8 house moves ago. But it’s been worth the getting behind in TPP work to do that because I had forgotten something really key – it’s not only much easier to keep up with the current things when you have systems and places for things, and it not only saves you time in no longer having to look for things when you want them again, but being able to deal with things as they come in, even though you still have backlog, stops the increase in backlog of clutter. And then, every time you find time to work on going through and sorting backlog, you can see that you actually are starting to win. It becomes so much easier to work on backlog too – all the clear spaces that you created last week *have remained clear* because new crap that comes in gets dealt with on the spot or through the weekly review. And it’s much easier to deal with small piles of current crap than 3 year old stuff.

I’m not yet up to date and I’ve not yet mastered the weekly review. But that can take 3 months or so. I am though enjoying all the benefits that are already showing up. I’m getting better at planning things and being ready for things when they happen. And together with learning how to spot red flags in the 12 week body transformation, I’m starting to learn how to handle myself. So for example, the banana bread and the quiche I made today was portioned up and frozen in meal size serves. Now, as I run out the door in the mornings this week, I have breakfast covered and some lunches. No excuse to spend money frivolously or to eat more than my allocated calories. And I don’t have to think about it in the middle of the rush that is my week.


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