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After a somewhat longer than intended break, Live and Sassy is back! In the first episode of Season 2, we talk all things Kickstarter.

Links to some of the projects we discussed:

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and hope to take much less time to get the next episode out to you all.


You can listen to the episode here or subscribe via iTunes!

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Episode 2: Live and Sassy with Alan Beatts

At the recent World Fantasy Convention in San Diego, we sat down with Alan Beatts from San Francisco’s Borderlands Books to discuss his article Amazon is Nobody’s Friend.  What followed was a fascinating and disturbing conversation about the future of books and bookstores, and the value of every reader’s vote.

We’d like to thank Alan, and hope you enjoy the podcast. We also promise to try to get a little closer to a regular schedule, now we’re both back from the US (where Alisa won a World Fantasy Award!).

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